Friday, April 25th, 2014

Fractional Reserve Banking: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

What can we say about fractional serve banking? It has its pros and cons. Perhaps, though, it also has its con jobs. It certainly has its defenders and detractors. What is the average layperson to make of all this? A basic familiarity with the practices of fractional reserve banking is assumed in this article. If you don’t feel that you understand these basics, it might be a good idea to begin... [Read more]

Real Money? Looking Inside Your Bitcoin Profit Calculator

This article follows the conventional practice of using the upper case Bitcoin to refer to the program or network and the lower case bitcoin to refer to the currency. You crunch the numbers on your Bitcoin Profit Calculator , working out just how much that bitcoin is worth in the national currency in which you find yourself operating. How easy though it is for the creeping doubt to sneak into your... [Read more]

Fiat Currency: Storm Trooper Of Inflation

Inflation is an old scourge. History reveals its devastating consequences time and again. The same story is ever repeated: armies that allow rulers to rule, and armies need money to buy the weapons and pay the troops. However, once you have an army, and rule a society, commandeering its money supply is as simple as it is elementary. And, thus, inflation follows like the predictable hangover after a... [Read more]

Fiat Currency And The Meaning Of Money

We humans are notorious creatures of habit. In many ways, that’s a good thing. Try to imagine all the brain power you’d have to expend if you really had to think about everything to be able to do it. Instead, once we’ve got it down pat, we don’t actually ever think about how to drive an automobile, use our cell phone, or open a mayonnaise jar. The precise physics of these activities... [Read more]

Beginner’s Secrets and techniques for Dealing in Gold

Bullion is a very pure form of a certain rare metal like gold, gold or platinum, out of which coin metallic alloys are formed. The well known U.S. Precious metal Eagle is not actually 1; rather it is instead an alloy of 91.67% made of precious metal, 3% of silver as well as 5.33% copper. Nevertheless, the total amount of the gold content weighs a solid ounce. This Ough.S. Silver Bald eagle and U.S.... [Read more]